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Unlimited inspection forms, unlimited data storage. See Pricing for details

Many still manage equipment maintenance with primitive tools

In any facility, a wide variety of facility equipment require regular inspection and maintenance in order to ensure the equipment functions properly. If not well taken care of, equipment may malfunction. For fire detection equipment, they can create safety hazards when they malfunction.

According to a Plant Maintenance Study in 2016 (source: Plant Engineering), roughly one in two manufacturing facilities (49%) are not using computerized systems to manage equipment maintenance. They are still managing maintenance with primitive tools (like notepads or spreadsheets) or no tool at all:

  • Equipment inspection data collection is ad-hoc, non-centralized, and often collected as handwritten notes on paper,
  • Lack of accountability – missed items are often unreported,
  • Equipment inspection tracking is error prone,
  • Sub par service quality.

As a result, inspection and maintenance is often missed for some equipment, resulting in:

  • equipment failures,
  • customer complaints,
  • safety hazards,
  • fines.

The Proactive Maintenance Management System is Simple and Effective

With four simple steps, the Proactive Maintenance Management System (ProactiveMM) makes equipment maintenance management easy:

  1. Print & Label
  2. Scan & Inspect
  3. Record Inspection Results
  4. Sync with the Central Server

Capture inspection and equipment maintenance data on an easy to carry hand-held mobile device (a iPhone, iPad or iPod device), then synchronize the data with a central server over WiFi, and you are well on your way to stay compliant.

ProactiveMM | a facility maintenance management system and mobile app -
ProactiveMM | a facility maintenance management system and mobile app -

Labeling your items

  • ProactiveMM comes with all software and equipment you’ll need to print QR code labels that you will put on your items.
ProactiveMM | a facility maintenance management system and mobile app -

Scan & Inspect

  • As you go around your facilities and inspect each item, simply scan the QR code labels on the items with our mobile app. It automatically records the inspection date and time.
ProactiveMM | a facility maintenance management system and mobile app -

Record Inspection Results

  • Enter inspection results right into the mobile app,
  • Take pictures of issues that require visual documentation so nothing is missed.
ProactiveMM | a facility maintenance management system and mobile app -

Sync with the Central Server

  • At the end of your inspection run, just click the “Sync” button in the mobile app to transfer the inspection results to a central server,
  • Just log on to the ProactiveMM website to view and print reports of past inspection records,
  • The ProactiveMM central server can be hosted in your own facility or on the ProactiveMM secure website.

Salient Features of the ProactiveMM Maintenance Management System and Mobile App

Supports unlimited assets
Supports unlimited assets types
  • Define any asset type you want, with any number of inspection checkpoint questions
  • All price plans support unlimited number of asset types
Intuitive Dashboard
  • Informs you when equipment is due and overdue for maintenance
  • Provides bird eye view of maintenance status
Multisite support
  • Customize the app with your logo
  • Includes site photos in your dashboard
Proactive MM maintenance management dashboard provides bird eye view of equipment management status
Uses iPhone or iPad or iPod Devices for inspection data collection and QR code scanning
  • The Proactive Maintenance Management system includes a mobile app that runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod devices
  • With the Handheld Option, you will get an iPod device pre-loaded with our mobile app. The Handheld Option includes the hardware insurance plan to ensure minimal downtime. In the event your device is damaged, we’ll send you a replacement device by express mail to minimize downtime.
  • If you prefer to use your own iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, we’ll provide installers so you can install our mobile app on your devices.
  • See Pricing for details, terms and conditions
Supports QR code label printing
  • All price plans include a label printer for printing QR code labels to be attached to the assets you are tracking
  • The label printer supports high quality outdoor weatherproof labels
  • Label printer is included in the Silver and Gold price plans
  • See Pricing for label printer details
Hosting service included to ensure zero setup time
  • Host your equipment maintenance data with us to ensure 24/7 secure access to your data over the web by multiple users
  • No need to set up and maintain your own server hardware
Customizible equipment maintenance reports in Microsoft Excel format
  • You can customize your the equipment maintenance report to suit your reporting needs
Download reports and data at any time
  • Prefer to safe keep copies of your reports and data on your PCs? No problem. You can download from our website and safe keep all asset and inspection data on your computers.
Increased accountability
  • Digital proof for inspection and follow up maintenance activities
  • Provide a systematic way to ensure no item misses inspection
Keep equipment maintenance activities in check
  • Equipment maintenance data is available online
  • Paperless system
  • Export inspection data to custom formats

Turn-key Solution

We provide full professional services to make sure transition to a fully functioning system is smooth, timely and cost effectively.

Professional Services

  • Data import – we can help whether you have existing device data or not
  • Technical training
  • Setting up your secure IT infrastructure

Data Hosting

  • Want to host the data on your own servers? We can help set up the servers and network infrastructure for you,
  • Don’t have the IT infrastructure to host the equipment maintenance data in your premises? We will be happy to host the data on our secure server infrastructure.

Please see our professional service offerings for more information.

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